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Ho Ho Hold Me CloseAly Jordan
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Easy  Listening with Aly and Dave

Modern Classics with a Twist

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In the early spring of 2019, Aly decided it was time to start singing the songs that truly called to her heart.  The very songs that fueled her need to create art, live passionately, and most importantly, keep pushing on when it came to matters of love. For ten years she had been listening to jazz, blues, and easy listening music, and wanted the opportunity to be able to share the songs she loved with others around her. Reaching out to the Guitar Guru,

Dave Isaacs, she inquired if he knew anyone that would be interested in taking on a duo project.  To her delight, he volunteered- and they began exchanging ideas for songs and arrangements soon after. Now the two have a nostalgic, yet somewhat unexpected lineup of tunes that cater to every old soul and new ones alike.

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"Ain't Misbehavin" SampleAly Jordan
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"Fly Me To The Moon" Sample Dave Isaacs- guitar
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"What A Wonderful World" SampleAly Jordan
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"Summer Wind" SampleDave Isaacs - guitar
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