Though she was born in a cute Appalachian town in North Carolina, Aly moved up and down the east coast during her adolescence. She spent about eight years in south Florida, and then relocated to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to finish her K-12 education. After completing high school, she packed her bags for college and traveled back to the same rural county that housed the hospital where she was born - going on to procure her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Those fours years at Western Carolina University would end up changing her life.

"I couldn’t quite tell you where or when my love of music began; but I can remember singing and creating stories through song even when I was a child.  My mom, dad, and stepdad all play guitar and sing, and they all have very different styles. I was exposed to traditional country and bluegrass, americana and folk music, and different pop styles, and it resulted in a very unique blend.  I feel this is responsible for my sound as a songwriter." 


Given the opportunity to open up for John Berry at the Anderson Music Hall in Hiawassee, GA,  Aly decided then that the music industry would be a part of her life forever.  Through her two talented and caring mentors - Dale McCoy and David McFalls - Aly had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mark Oliverius, who then brought her on as a cast member of the hit Nashville production, "The Music Of Nashville - A Magical Journey." She loves any chance to pay homage to the legends.


Additionally,  not only does Aly have immense respect for traditional country artists, she also has a distinct fascination with the classic era of crooners, and loves the songs made popular by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.  She also enjoys more modern takes on the greats, such as Michael Buble's many contemporary covers, and hopes to make an album of her own versions one day. Until then, she is writing and creating and loving life in Nashville. 

Though she enjoys the music industry and will continue to pursue her personal songwriting goals, Aly is also invested in the success of other indie artists. A firm believer of lifting up the women around her; she started to incorporate her love of the visual arts into her projects, and is now beginning a new creative venture.  Specializing in lyric videos and merch design, she hopes to alleviate the stress that young artists encounter while branding. 


Thoroughly thankful for all that life has to offer, she travels in her spare time; constantly looking for new adventures.

She never lets an opportunity to get her unique experiences down on paper pass by. 


Staring At The Stars - Aly Jordan
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